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Invoice Your Customers with
"My Billing Buddy"tm Android Service Management Software

"My Billing Buddy"™
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Saves on Service Forms Reduces Fuel Consumption Reduces Office Posting Uses Google Cal, Mail, Maps

Pre Load your Service customer names in Google Contact (now My Billing Buddy can load them from the contacts) or add a new customer on the fly, or email and properly formatted .csv file with route stops for the day, week, or month and My Billing Buddy will open and parse to send it to the appropropriate Google area for its later use.

Turn on the Google Event rescheduler if you want it to remind of re occurin jobs and Now just look at your calendar every day week and month and see your upcoming work, the event can load right into My Billing Buddy ready for you to go to work. Or have the office schedule the job right on your Google Calendar at home or office and My Billing Buddy will load it and allow you to Go to work now.

See all your stops for the day, week or month (or more) plotted on Google Maps and touching them gives you more information. See where they are in relation to where you are and pick the job you want to work based on being closer or by importance. Get Directions street by street on Google Maps, GPS & Navigation

Do the work and My Billing Buddy calculates the very professional Invoice and emails it to the Customer and you at the office (If you have a Bluetooth Printer even print the invoice in the truck). Even tracks your mileage and GPS location at the time of completion of the work. Great for checking in at security locations! Heck now your wife can see your jobs get completed on you Google Calendar, which is great for customer communication. The office also gets a history file (can be saved in Excel) of your completed and cancelled work. Plenty of Back Up Documentation.

All this without having to carry a sheet of paper or Receipt Book, or ask for cross streets, or scribble that eligible looking Invoice. "My Billing Buddy"tm is designed not just as a smart phone application but as a service and sales tool and for the Service Business with the purpose of co existing with your Desktop Software.

Click Here to Watch the My Billing Buddy Version 2 Slide Show Demo

My Billing Buddy PowerPoint Slide Show

"My Billing Buddy" Movies may take a few minutes, depending. Click Here to Watch The My Billing Buddy Version 2 Movie featuring starting from Google Calendar with jobs that were rescheduled by Google Events, downloaded from your favorite software or entered while on the road. So this is Part 1 of 3

My Billing Buddy Movie Calendar to Job

•Click Here to Watch the My Billing Buddy Version 2 Movie featuring the job was clicked on the Google Map or Calendar and My Billing Buddy Loaded the work. Get Directions, phone or email customer to announce your arrival. See the planned services and products and add to, delete or edit them along with on- board Inventories, also edit the prices and collect a payment and View, Email or Print the Invoice from your phone Right Now! Part 2 of 3

My Billing Buddy Movie Start Job to Email Invoice

•Click Here to Watch the My Billing Buddy Version 2 Movie featuring the completion of the job and the Invoice is emailed to the customer but also copied to your office to eliminate paper and then emails the history to your office so that you have a history of completed and cancelled work. Import this into your favorite software (that can except our format) or just save it to Microsoft Excel Part 3 of 3

My Billing Buddy Movie Part 3 shows Completing the Work with emailed Invoice History and Daily Job Completion Details going to your office

My Billing Buddy Android Software for Service and Sales Routing & Invoicing

Buy "My Billing Buddy"™Route Scheduling and Invoicing Software for Android which is specialized for the Service and Sales Business that has One-Time or Re-Ocuring Stops to Service or Sell.

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