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Invoice Your Customers with
"My Billing Buddy"tm Android Service Management Software

Android Software Features
including Routing, Invoicing, Inventory and Inspection to Help You Manage Your Route Business

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Brand New Fully Integrated Android Routing, Invoicing, Inspection, Estimating and Collection "All in One" Software That Emails and Prints the Bills and Inspection/Estimates. And is backed by World Class Support and knowledge in the Route Service and Sales of your customers

The Most Complete and Exciting fully integrated Android Invoicing Software with Inspection and Estimating Capabilities!

"My Billing Buddy"™ Inspector Android Invoicing and Inspection Software is an Industrial Strength Android Application with Routing, Invoicing and Inspection/Estimating utilizing most of the built in features of Android 4 and prior, including Google's Calendar (on phone or Tablet and Desktop), Event Rescheduling, Contacts, Google Maps & GPS, Phone, Gmail, Voice, Camera and your phones or Tablet's GPS, to bring your office to your truck.

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"My Billing Buddy"™ Inspector Android Invoicing and Inspection Software Timer on the job.

Maintains Customer and Invoice Number imported (if needed)

Click to see address on Google maps

Click to Initiate a Phone Call

Click to Initiate an Email

Select, View or Edit Services or Products and their prices

See last date this service was done

See notes for the job

See the Customer Terms and Collect a Payment

Complete the work and print the slip

Even perform an Inspection which can be integrated into the Service and Product Notes that are printed on the Invoice.

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Collect Customers Signature, then View, Print or Email the Invoice with signature or without. Copy goes to the customers and a copy to the office to reduce paper handling. Job stays on phone even after it is exported until deleted, for immediate history. Services and Products have capability for comments and notes, along with the general job notes. All notes are editable. Save your Company Logo and the top of the forms sell your Company.

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This product has been in development for the previous 18 months and through its Beta Testing had over 40 upgrades from the user feedback. The end result is industrial strength integrated for "Ease of Use" and "Quick Results". Manage your Service Route right from your Truck or Pocket without being tethered to your office.

Our Company has specialized in Route Service Software for over 2 Decades, as we are the developers of "Route Rite"™ Software, in use since 1991. Since we have been a Route Service Software Developer for over 2 Decades we included the Ease of Use Features to make the results as automatic as possible for the busy and often times not computer savvy Service Truck driver.

Go perform your Services or Inspections with Just your Phone or Tablet to Existing Customers or New Additions

Even Collect Payments with Customer Signatures on your Invoices and Both Customer and Employee Signatures on Inspection/Estimates, at the time of Service.

This is the second Generation of our "My Billing Buddy"™ Android Invoicing Software and it is Branded "My Billing Buddy"™ Inspector and is available for delivery now

It truly fits the mold of the often used phrase of "Speak Softly but Carry a Big Stick". It is "Easy to Use" but "Does a lot of Service Business Stuff".

In 2010 we introduced "My Billing Buddy"™ Android Invoicing Software for Android Version 2 and 3. It was our first entry and our users gave us great feedback and this became the basis of our brand new 2nd generation "My Billing Buddy"™ Inspector Android Invoicing and Inspection Software. We began the development of this Intuitive Android package in August of 2011 and put the product into Beta Test 3rd Quarter 2012. There have been over 40 upgrade versions during the Beta Test period. We are excited to offer the most well thought out product that we have ever delivered and our products have been around since 1991.

Designed by people that understand driving trucks to service stops and all the things that historically happen in that business from Index Cards, to missing services, to excess gas mileage, to directions and cross streets, to hand writer service slips, reading bunches of paper work, to multiple copies, to trips back to the office to deliver paper, to a dedicated person to hand write it or type in into the computer in the office.

"My Billing Buddy"™ Inspector Android Invoicing and Inspection Software changes the dynamic of Servicing your Route Customer and then some.

So now run your Route Service Business from your truck without the need for a desktop. Import all your customers into Google Contacts, Set the Event Reminders to bring the re-occurring jobs back up, when they come up click them right into My Billing Buddy and go to work. Get directions, call the customer, email the customer, edit the services and products, adjust the pricing, read the notes, add or replace notes, collect a payment and print and or email an invoice. When you are done for the day send you work history and truck mileage to your email or office email to save for history, which is so easy, it can be read or saved in Microsoft's Excel or equivalent. You can do all this right from your Android Phone for "Billing in your Pocket" or Tablet in your Truck.

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My Billing Buddy Android Business Software Highlights:

• My Billing Buddy was designed to allow Reduced Vehicle Mileage, Reduced Paper Cost, Reduced Postage, Reduced Scribling on Forms, while improving your customer service

• You may send your Scheduled Service or Sales Work to your Technician's or Salesperson's Phone (easy from Microsoft Excel in our .csv format) or any other capable software program or just schedule, reschedule work using the Google Calendar Events rescheduler, which is integrated with My Billing Buddy or just add new work as you sell it. Any new customers entered into My Billing Buddy for stops can be added to Google Contacts and can be re scheduled for future work without the need of an import.

• Jobs may also be entered into your Google Calendar from elsewhere, which can be used by My Billing Buddy to set up a Service or Sales Stops

• Go on a Sales Call and sell directly out of your Inventory and then produce an Invoice

• Your Google Calendar is updated with the status of the days work, so the office can also track your daily progress and update customers that call. So, the office now can have almost real time status of service or sales jobs

• A Complete History of your completed and cancelled work, along with copies of all Invoices and Inspections sent to your customer are emailed to the office. Invoices are Real Time and History is sent on usually daily. So no need to carry excessive Service or Sales Forms, but still be protected.

• Bill and Invoice your customer for most any service, sales and product you set up in your own inventory. Even track Equipment at the customers location

• View, Email or Print the very professional and complete Invoice after the work

• Attach Default Notes to each Service and Product, so that those notes automatically get attached to the invoice for those items or add comments from your comments pick lists.

• View, Plot and Select for more detail, the scheduled work on Google Maps, showing each job for that period and its relation to your location

• Records "Time In" and "Time Out" with GPS location, so you can more effectively track productivity.

• Allows Turn by Turn Directions from Current Location to choosen Job

• One Touch Dialing of the contact of the chosen job

• One Touch Email to the contact of the chosen job

• Sends emails copies of invoices to jobs and all completed and cancelled work to the office for history or importing into Microsoft Excel or another desktop software package

• Setup is customizable to allow more flexibility

• Services and Products can be imported to make it easy to match any desktop software you may be using, without typing in your phone

• Inventory has types assigned to allow various features to handle them differently

• Go out on an Inspection or Estimate with My Billing Buddy and the Inspector will allow you to take Pictures and add labels, finding and recommendations, and measurements and notes to Equal the most beautiful Inspection or Estimate that your prospect has seen, hopefully this helps you see the job.

• Attach a previous Inspection or Estimate to todays work so that as recommendations are completed the proper updates are made on today's Invoice.

• This version works with Android 4 and below on approved Android Smart Phones and Tablets. Tablets must be fully approved by Google and have full Google Features, including Google Maps, Google Calendar, Contacts and Google Play

All Right Reserved by Performance Software Technologies, Inc. © 2011. "My Billing Buddy"™ and "Route Rite"tm areTrademarks Of Performance Software Technologies Inc. Android is a Registered Trademark of Google, "QuickBooks"tm is  a  Registered Trademark of Intuit.  Bluetooth and Wifi Printing require printing application like "Printer Share" and your printer must meet their approved list. PDF Viewing require a PDF Viewr application and usully come with the required approved Android Smart Phones.