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"My Billing Buddy"tm Software

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"My Billing Buddy"tm Android Routing and Invoicing Software

If you are a service or sales business that services or visits your customers on a re-occuring or one time basis, and you want to drive your truck the least amount of distance to perform those services or sales calls, while Invoicing your customer at their front door without carrying and writing Service Forms;

Then you would be like the Window Cleaning Service, Pest Control Service , Carpet Cleaning Service, Pool and Spa Service, Lawn Care Service , Lawn Maintenance Service, Irrigation Service, Security Service, Inspection Service, Waste Removal Service, Plant Maintenance Service, Beverage Sales, Water Delivery Service, Snow Removal Service, Pooper Scooper Service, Handy Man Service, Filter Service, Uniform Cleaning Service, Leak Detection Service, Roofing Service, Gutter Service and Janitorial Service that can excel with "My Billing Buddy"™ Routing and Invoicing Software for Android 2.2+.

 "Route Rite Software"tm by Performance Software Technologies, Inc
"Route Rite"tm Desktop Routing and Billing Software, since 1991, for the Service and Sales Industries. and Includes Customer History, Routing and Scheduling, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Material Usage, prints Service Slips, Invoices and Statements
.  It is currently used by may in the Pest Control, Carpet Cleaning, Pool Service, Water Service, Sanitation, Pooper Scooper, Handy Man, Janitorial and Uniform Cleaning.


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