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"My Billing Buddy"tm Android Service Management Software
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My Billing Buddy Inspector Android Software helps you save on Fuel Cost, Vehicle Mileage, Paper, Office Posting and Postage Expenses. Just send your Profit and Loss Reports from QuicBooks after inport from "My Billing Buddy"tm 

Your Android Smart Phone or Tablet must have factory installed Google Applications.  If you have purchased a Device and subsequently had to install Google Calendar, Maps and other features, then that may mean the device is not appropriate to run.  These devices will not even install the application.  It has to be Genuine 

My Billing Buddy requires you to set up the picklists that will have your services, products, equipment and notes and comments.  This allows you to quickly complete an invoice for your customer by just touching the screen and that is very fast.
You may Rent My Billing Buddy by the month for Trial for $25.00 per month per truck.  This does not include the Import software for "QuickBooks" or "Deskview".  You can purchase usage of My Billing Buddy including the import software to QuickBooks and or Deskview for $300.00 per year per truck.  Remember most all of your office posting expenses are reduced because its all captured in a digital paperless environment, right to your accountants doorstep.

We are located in California, USA.  You may also leave a voicemail at 818 889 1361 (Please no phone solicitations)

All Right Reserved by Performance Software Technologies, Inc. © 2011. "My Billing Buddy"™ and "Route Rite"tm areTrademarks Of Performance Software Technologies Inc. Android is a Registered Trademark of Google, "QuickBooks"tm is  a  Registered Trademark of Intuit.  Bluetooth and Wifi Printing require printing application like "Printer Share" and your printer must meet their approved list. PDF Viewing require a PDF Viewr application and usully come with the required approved Android Smart Phones.