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About This Product My Billing Buddy Android Software for Business

My Billing Buddy was designed by Performance Software Technologies, Inc., formed in 1991, (, in the summer of 2011.

The Purpose was to futher the founders interest in Mobilizing Technology as delivered in a speech to National Business Execs in Las Vegas for Tricom Systems, many years ago. The purpose was always to help our Customers Reduce Vehicle Mileage and Fuel Expenses (even further than our Desktop Software could do), Reduce or Eliminate Service Form Expense and Postage Expense and Eliminate the Handwriting and is increased time effect on Office Posting and Expense. The point was to make a product that would pay for itself.

Though My Billing Buddy was first delivered in 2011 for Android Version 2 and 3, its origins began in 1980s with Motorola wireless Bar Code Hand helds for Automobile Dealerships and then with Performance Software's Pen Writer line of Hand Held software based on Apple's Newton. My Billing Buddy is the best of them all and it is in it 4th Generations with the new Version 5.

To date our development has been for the Route Service Industry and our Desktop Pest Control product has been operating in Route Service Companies since 1991. That Product "Route Rite"tm is in it 4th Generation starting with the DOS Operating System and that product having been upgraded over the years is currently operating through Windows 8.

"My Billing Buddy"tm, now has expanded to include Accounts Receivable. It is now fully capable of operating on its own without the use of a Desktop, though desktop is a perfect place to keep many years of history. Our Goal for this product is to continue its development to be the most comprehensive and Easy to Use Mobile Solution on the market today.

We want the Route Service Professional to have a tool that can be used for most all route services need as it relates to software, but have it in one product that you already carry in your pocket.

We want to eliminate the Paper, Messy handwriting, Bad directions, Lack of Efficiency, Wasted Fuels, Missed jobs, Learning how to use the desktop, but most of all we just like developing stuff.

Sincerely, My Billing Buddy Development Team

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