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Invoice Your Customers with
"My Billing Buddy"tm Android Service Management Software

Requires Your Android Phone or Tablet

Invoice, Collect, Inspect, Email, Reschedule, Report and Export from Your Phone

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My Billing Buddy import to QuickBooks

My Billing Buddy is designed for the Route Service Industry and will help you manage your service routes from your Android Device.  Install and setup the software and brings up reminders of your re occurring Customer jobs with reminders from your Google Calendar.  The calendar will share the info with My Billing Buddy and populate the screen allowing you to go to work, touch the Services and Products, Record a collected payment and Signature.  it Calculates the customers invoice with their Signature, payment and balance owed. My Billing Buddy emails the Invoice to the customer and you at the same time.

 "My Billing Buddy" can import to Intuit's Desktop QuickBook's, which will setup customers or update them with invoices, payments and sales tax.  It will also setup and update lists including Services, products and equipment.  This import is automatic and allows you to select the My Billing Buddy Employee/Truck file to import into QuickBooks to immediately update its relevant reports. 

Now just go to your QuickBooks and view your customers and their invoices with products and services, print your companies profit and loss report and give it to your Accountant for your Taxes.  "My Billing Buddy"tm makes your job easier

My Billing Buddy on Tablet

As an Added Bonus
"My Billing Buddy"™ Android Service Management Software, also Exports to My Billing Buddy DeskView Software
This companion software also allows you to take a quick look at all of the transactions received from My Billing Buddy Android Software.  Get a nice quick look at your customers with a Powerfull Sorting SQL Application that will build a database of the Customers from each field unit.  Get all this for about $25.00 per month per truck with "My Billing Buddy"™.  You must already own Intuit's QuickBooks Desktop Version for Windows and you must already own an authorized Android Device with all Google Android features from the factory.

My Billing Buddy Import to DeskView

Here are some Integrated Benefits of "My Billing Buddy"™ Android Route Invoicing Software from your Phone or Tablet in the Truck

1. Load Job from your Google Contacts

2. Make Appointments On My Billing Buddy and it saves it to your Google Calendar, then use Event Scheduler to Repeat this Job in the Future

3. See stops plotted on Google Maps, get the closest, get the details and start the work. 

4. Setup My Billing Buddy with your own Services, Products, Equipment, Notes, Logo, Office Detail and more

5. Email Professional Invoices, Inspections and Payment Receipts with automatic copies to your office, right from your phone or tablet

6. One Click on the My Billing Buddy Screen and Phone your Customer on the way 

7. One Click and Email an "On My Way" message, even with your Picture, if you would like, to your next job

8. Load any job on Google Calendar or Maps with the previous stop details like services performed and products used or sold

9. Automatically Records Duration of the job

10. Just touch your Services or Products and notes from your Pick Lists, edit Prices and the Invoice is complete much faster and more impressive that hand writing the invoice in the street.  Touch the Send button and the Invoice is emailed to the customer and you, in seconds

11. Perform Inspections with pictures and attached findings and recommendations and notes, even with your Disclaimers

12. Record payments made by your customer either during or after the job.  The Invoice is adjusted for Balance Remaining

13. Get reports on all customers with Open Invoices, right in your phone

14. See and record your job completion GPS Coordinates which can be added to your history, printed on the Invoice and sent to your office

15. Your Customers and Employees Sign right on your Screen

16. Your Invoices and payments can be imported directly into Intuit's QuickBooks, so you can just print Reports for your Accountant

17. Quickly Search for any name, company or address and see their work performed

18. Apply Payments to any Open Invoice one the phone and a payment receipt is emailed to the customer and the your office

19. Email PDF Invoices or Inspection/Estimate, with your Logo, to the Customer, and automatically receive a copy to your Office for History

20. Drive fewer Miles with accurate directions from Google Maps

21. Your office can quickly view, real time, the status or your jobs on your Google Calendar and they will have a copy of the invoice in their email

22. Track your Vehicle Mileage as mileage is quickly captured and exported to the office

23. See Reports of Total Sales of Service and Product and Monies collected on each Export to your office.

Lets See the Easy to Use "My Billing Buddy"tm Android Software Main Screen

My Billing Buddy Main Job Screen

Scroll Down Your My Billing Buddy Main Screen

My Billing Buddy Invoicing
My Billing Buddy Import to QuickBooks
QuickBooks Security Screen

My Billing Buddy Android Service Management Software Shares it data with your Google Calendar, Google Event Reminders, Google Map, GPS, Contacts, Phone, Email and Gallery to help you perform your route service directly from your Android Phone or Tablet much more quickly and proffessional than the current manual methods.  And the software ismuch more thorough for a service business than what you might find in a marketplace.

 My Billing Buddy sends "On My Way" Emails to your appointment with your picture if you want.  No need for an office staff but your office staff can see you job completion progress on your Google Calendar because My Billing Buddy updates the calendar even with the services and products you used.  Set the re occurring event and Google calendar will remind you when the job is due again.  It even automatically loads the job into My Billing Buddy so you can go to Work!  

Even Automatically sends copies of signed Invoices and Inspections, with your Logo, to your office Simultaneaously when it sends them to the customer.  Collect a payment and Record it right on the job and the emailed Invoice will reflect it, immediately.  Your customer gets a proffessional Invoice, right now while you are thanking them for their business.   Reduce Paper Usage and improve Image and Efficiency.

All this for about $300.00 per Truck Per Year (includes My Billing Buddy Software for Android, "QuickBooks"tm Desktop Import Software for Windows, My Billing Buddy Deskview Software (requires Windows and SQL Express))  This package is much less expensive than office posting cost with salary and/or time.

My Billing Buddy Android Service Management

Click Here to Contact Us You try "My Billing Buddy"™ Android Service Management Software for one Month Rental for $25.00. Does not include QuickBooks Import Software or My Billing Buddy DeskView Sofware.

If you are a Route Service or Sales Person and have a real Android Device and if you use Intuit's QuickBooks then you must have this product.  This software is designed specifically for Route Service Management Professional.

Here are Examples of the Route Services that can use "My Billing Buddy"tm Android Service Management Software:

Pest Control, Lawn Care, Carpet Cleaning, Pool Cleaning, Handy Man, Water Service, Beverage Service, Home Services, Vending Machines Service, Pooper Scooper, Distributers, Rental Service, Property Management, Mobile Service, Hazardous Waste, Dog Groomers, Sanitation Service, Maid Service, Awning Cleaners, Window Cleaners, Mobile Windshield Repair, Mobile Detailing, Painters, Plumbers, Electricians, Uniform Services, Shredding Services, Cleaning Service....

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